Laser Hair Removal

Hair or not to Hair

Tired of razor burn or ingrown hairs? Laser Hair Removal is the way to permanent smoothness.   


The RestoBod Team is extremely knowledgeable in the laser aesthetic field. Their extensive training and use of medical grade lasers makes this clinic the safe place for treatments on all skin colours. 

At RestoBod Laser Clinics, we offer the absolute best in cutting-edge laser hair removal technology with the GentleMax Pro; ensuring fast, effective and virtually painless results.  

Calling all you Gingers! Yep, it can even do red. 

Because of your hair's natural growth cycles, a minimum number of laser hair removal treatments are required. Following the treatment guidelines given to you, will maximize your results.  Generally 6 treatments will clear your dark, pigmented hair and return you to that pre-pubescent stage, leaving light, soft and fine hair.  Don't wax, pluck or use depilatories one month prior or during treatment. You may shave...and NO it will not grow back thicker or darker.

This Laser can do more than hair

Not only this laser the best on the market for laser hair removal hair removal, but it can treat spider veins, acne, pigment and tighten skin!

WHEW- what a work horse. 

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